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Our vision at Members 1st Credit Union is to be our members’ most trusted financial partner.

Members 1st Credit Union assists its members through a wide assortment of products and services to make sound financial decisions that lead to their improved financial well-being.

Fee Schedule

Effective Date 12/1/22
Share Savings Account Fees
Prime Share Overdraft Protection Transfer (to checking only) $2 per transfer
Prime/Youth Share Account Closing or Reopening (if closed or reopened in first 3 months) $5
Statement Safekeeping Fee (if mail is returned with no good address) $5 per month
Dormant Account Fee (if no activity in the last 24 month & no other services) $5 per month
Share Draft/Checking Account Fees
Returned Draft $28 per item/representment
Courtesy Pay $28 per item
Stop Payment $28 per single item
Block Stop Payment (2 or more consecutive drafts) $33 per block
Share Draft Copy $5 per copy
Overdraft Transfer $2 per transfer
Business Account $10 per month
Electronic Funds Transfer Fees
Foreign ATM Transaction (first 4 per month are free) $1 per transaction
Replacement or Temporary Debit Card $6 per card
Debit Card Expedited Fee $50 per card
Foreign Transaction Fee (ISA fee - transactions processed outside of the United States, which may include internet transactions) Up to 1% of transaction
Bill Pay Fees
Bill Pay Overnight (check delivery) $14.95
Bill Pay Same Day (electronic) $9.95
Account to Account Outbound (A2) $2
Stop Payment $15
Other Service Fees Applicable to all accounts, unless noted differently
Account Reconciliation/Research $20 per hour
Cashier's Check $5 per check
Check Cashing for Members (up to $250 - if no other active services and total shares of less than $250, excludes youth accounts) $5 per check
Check Cashing for Members (250+ - if no other active services and total shares of less than $250, excludes youth accounts) 2% of check amount
Christmas Shares (early withdrawal) $5 per withdrawal
Collection Item (incoming or outgoing) $26 per item
Foreign Currency Fee $35 each
Garnishments & IRS Levies $20 per item
Money Order (up to $1,000) $2 per money order
Mortgage Payoff Service $30 per loan
Negative Debit Transaction $28 per item
Non-Member Check Cashing (up to $250) $5 per check
Non-Member Check Cashing ($250+) 2% of check amount
Photocopy Service $0.25 per page
Returned ACH $28 per item/representment
Returned Checks for Loan Payment $28 per check
Statement Copy Fee (current or previous) $5 per statement
Visa Gift Card $4 per card
QuickMoney (domestic) $30 per order
QuickMoney (international) $50 per order
Wire Transfer (domestic) $30 per transfer
Wire Transfer (international) $40 per transfer